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5.75" LED Headlight

From Ironworks Speed and Kustom

5.75" LED Headlight

Features & Benefits:

  • 1,200 Raw Lumens; 600-650 Effective Lumens
  • Available in a 12-24V DC configuration
  • Choose between high/low or high beam only versions
  • Durable glass lens stands up to harsh environmental conditions
  • Rugged solid state LEDs can withstand shock & vibration
  • Long-lasting LEDs mean never having to replace another bulb again!
  • Die-cast aluminum housing provides maximum protection
  • Low profile mount
  • Replaces PAR46 lights
  • Built-in front position
  • DOT, ECE LH traffic, and ECE RH traffic configurations available
  • Also available with ring kit assembly (Model 8631)


General Specifications:                                          Standards Compliance:

Lens Material: Glass                                                                         DOT Approved

Warranty: 4-year Limited Warranty                                                  Buy America Compliant

Housing Material: Die-Cast Aluminum                                          ECE Reg. 112 (Class B - ECE Versions Only)

Mounting: Replaces PAR46                                                             FMVSS 108

Mating Connector: AMP (#172615-2)                                             ECE Reg. 7 (ECE Versions Only)

                                                                                                               Sealed to IP67


Technical Specifications:

High/Low Beam Version                                            High Beam Only Version

12-24V DC Input                                                                                   12-24 DC Input

2.00 Amps @ 12V DC                                                                          2.00 Amps @ 12V DC

1.00 Amps @ 24V DC                                                                          1.00 Amps @ 24V DC

Raw Lumen Output: 1,200 (Low Beam); 1,200 (High Beam)      Raw Lumen Output: 1,200 (High Beam)

Effective Lumen Output: 600 (Low Beam); 650 (High Beam)      Eff. Lumen Output: 650 (High Beam)


These 5.75" Round LED Headlights from JW Speaker are not only visually appealing but they are also extremely effective. 

 Only  $580.00
SKU: 5.75" LED (MODEL #8630-12/24V)
5.75" LED Headlight
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