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Chevy Orange Valve Covers with Raised Emblem

Chevy Orange Valve Covers with Raised Emblem

Installation Instructions:

  • Carefully remove the existing valve covers and associated mounting hardware from cylinder head. Inspect mounting surface to ensure it is clean of debris and damage or deformation that could impede the new valve covers from sealing evenly.
  • Install four threaded studs into the designated cylinder head bosses until tight with the aid of a 3mm hex key. Then thread one extension onto each stud. Tighten each extension with a 10mm socket to 44-53 inch/lbs. (5-6 newton meters).
  • Carefully install a fitted rubber gasket (not included) into the valve cover mounting surface channel.
  • NOTE: The valve cover with the oil fill hole mounts on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Carefully lower the valve cover onto the extensions so the threaded bolt holes are visibly centered through the mounting holes on the valve cover. Inspect the mounting surface to ensure the gasket is centered.
  • Install a steel washer onto each mounting bolt, then install a rubber washer (or the rubber/steel bonded washer).
  • Thread each mounting bolt through the valve cover mounting holes and into threaded extensions by hand. Make sure each rubber washer is centered before tightening so it compresses evenly under the steel washer.
  • Use a 4mm hex key to tighten each bolt starting with the inner bolts, and then work out to the outer bolts to get an even seal.  Repeat inner to outer tightening until valve cover gasket is evenly compressed around valve cover and mounting surface. Do not over-tighten bolts causing the rubber washer to exceed the diameter of the steel washer.
  • Repeat all steps for the valve cover on the other side.
  • Hook up PCV (driver side) and breather (passenger side) tubes.
Valve Cover Gasket
Valve Cover Gasket