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1953-62 Chevrolet Corvettes

1953-62 Chevrolet Corvettes

The 1953-1962 Corvette RainGear wiper system by Pacific Western Design is a rugged, time tested lever and link type system specifically designed to replace the sloppy stock spool & cable system.  The powerful 12 volt, motor mounts under the dash allowing for a clean firewall.  Standard is a two speed switch.  An optional variable speed delay switch is also available.  This replacement unit is an easily installed series of assembled components.

Because Corvettes were virtually hand made there are many subtle differences between each car.  Because of this, a great deal of effort has been taken to make this system adjustable enough to accommodate the differences between the original Corvettes as well as most aftermarket bodies.

This kit is designed to work with your outside, chrome escutcheons (trim bezels), your wiper arms and blades and your original switch knob and does not include these items.

Are you tired of stretched wiper cables on your classic 1953-62 Corvette?  Well, Pacific Western Design has the solution.  Their RainGear system replaces those problematic cables with a modern, rugged link and lever system.  No more windshields ruined when sloppy cables allow your wipers to come around the edge of the glass and cause expensive damage.

Pacific Western Design's RainGear system will fit all 1953 to 1962 Chevrolet Corvettes, commonly known as "C1 chassis" cars with the following exception:

Cross-mount master cylinders likely won't fit with our RainGear system installed.

This is a complete replacement kit which includes EVERYTHING needed except for windshield wiper arms and blades and the escutcheons (chrome trim pieces which surround the pivot posts where the arms and blades are attached).  Your stock Corvette control knob fits onto our switch.  Our kit is made to fit those stock parts, thus preserving the correct stock-looking appearance from inside and outside the car.

Please note that the RainGear unit cannot be controlled by any General Motors column-mounted wiper switches.  You must use the included switch.  This is due to the fact that GM switches control the wiper motor via the ground wire and our systems must be controlled by switching the positive wire.