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American Autowire Fuse Panel Mounting Bracket

From Ironworks Speed and Kustom
American Autowire Fuse Panel Mounting Bracket

Purchase one of our Fuse Panel Mounting Brackets to make the mounting of the Fuse Panel a much easier project. 

Purchase it as a combo with the wiring harness and get the bracket for $20 (a 50% discount).



Steering Column Plug Reference Chart


The Highway 22 Complete Wiring Kit includes all the necessary wiring for headlights including: a three position headlight switch; a 40 amp electric fan or fuel pump relay; heavy duty power and accessory expansion; micro-relays for horns and turn signals; an accessory harness for radio, electric wipers, heater, air conditioning, fuel pump, and interior lighting. This kit also contains a floor mounted dimmer switch; an ignition switch that has been designed for either dash or column mounting, and includes all the connectors and terminals. The Highway 22 was designed to promote complete mounting flexibility and creativity in specialty electrical systems.


Modular wiring system

22 power circuits supported through 15 fuses and 1 circuit breaker

Battery and accessory power tap studs provided for system expansion

Panel protected with a 175 amp Mega-Fuse junction block with a 8 gauge panel feed wire

Nylon mechanically secured panel containing secondary push-back locks, has a 7-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ footprint, 3-3/8″ in height, and mounted on a (G10) non-conductive epoxy base

All power buss bars are constructed of 6 gauge copper

All wires are constructed from heat resistant (-60F- +275F)

GXL heavy-wall wire with laser printed circuit identification every 2 inches

GM color coded wires for ease of installation

All power circuits wires are 12 gauge constructed

New front loaded vibration proof self-locking (Hooke’s Law) screw down terminal connection

Dedicated battery and ignition circuits for electronic fuel injection (EFI) Kit contains 3 relays (Horn, Turn Signal & 40 amp Electric Fan or Fuel Pump)

Turn signal and hazard flasher circuits provided

8 gauge alternator feed wire provided

The kit is set-up for a GM “SI” internally regulated alternator or GM 1-wire

Alternator diode is also provided

Kit includes 3 (In-dash Ignition, Headlight & Alum. Knob and Floor Dimmer) switches

GM in-column ignition switch connectors provided, along with 3-7/8″ GM steering column connectors with male and female terminals

Plugs directly most 69-74 GM column and most aftermarket steering columns or use the terminals and connector provided to mate to any column

Spare circuits available (for power windows, locks, cruise, etc.).

Engine compartment (oil pressure, water temp, tach, starter, neutral safety, brake switch, ignition switch, distributor (GM HEI or Points), coil, main power and alternator)

Chassis wiring (fuel pump, electric fan, headlights, running lights, brake lights, 3rd brake lt., directional, license plate, radio, heat & AC, and wipers)

Full color schematic of overall vehicle wiring along with individual harness subkit instructions for trouble-free installation.

 Only  $40.00
American Autowire Fuse Panel Bracket
 Only  $469.00
American Autowire Wiring Harness
 Only  $489.00
American Autowire Wiring Harness & Fuse Panel Bracket Combo
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