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Jason Serpa's 1969 Camaro Project - WAR

Jason Serpa's 1969 Camaro Project - WAR

Jason Serpa had done an amazing job building this 69 camaro project for himself in his garage at home.  But he got to a point where he was not sure he wanted to tackle a job like widening the front sheet metal 2" per side on his brand new 1969 camaro front sheet metal.  Jason had heard from many shops that a modification like this was not possible without making the car look funny.  He called Ironworks and asked if we would be up to the task and of course our reply was "Yes, sir!" 

As you can see, we were able to pull the fender out 2" per side to clear the 285/30/19 front tire he wanted to run at this desired ride height.  Sure he could have just ran a narrower front wheel and accomplished the same thing but who would want to do that?  Enjoy these step by step photos.